Bold Subscriptions Migration

Looking to migrate from your subscription management system? look no further. Recurpay specialises in seamless migration from Bold Subscriptions to our native Shopify subscriptions app. Let the experts do it for you while you focus on your business.

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Migrate from Bold Subscription

Migrate from Bold Subscription with ease!

Recurpay Subscriptions offers seamless migration support for different versions of Bold Subscriptions, be it V1 (Legacy) or V2 (Native). If you are currently utilising any of these Bold Subscription app versions, you can effortlessly switch to Recurpay and take advantage of its easy to use, scalable and stable product along with extensive range of features and benefits.


Install Recurpay subscriptions app

Install Recurpay app from Shopify app store and follow the guide shown on your screen to get done with setup. It usually takes 2-3 minutes to get started with Recurpay.


Get subscriptions data from your Bold Subscription app dashboard

Export the existing subscriptions data from your bold subscription app and share it with our dedicated migration team


Verify data integrity on Recurpay

Check your subscriptions data on Recurpay once it is transferred. Do not forget to deactivate your bold app on your store once everything is fine.


Enjoy the new amazing subscriptions experience

Relax and relish the seamless subscription experience designed by Recurpay for you and your customers.

Migrate from Bold SubscriptionMigration from Bold subscriptionsMigrate from Bold Subscription

FAQ's on Migration

Below are some commonly asked questions regarding the migration from Bold Subscriptions to Recurpay Subscriptions:

Is my subscription data secure during the migration process?
FAQ for migration from Bold Subscriptions
Why are merchants migrating from Bold Subscriptions?
FAQ for migration from Bold Subscriptions
Is technical expertise required for migrating to Recurpay Subscriptions?
FAQ for migration from Bold Subscriptions
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