Get your customers addicted to your coffee with Subscriptions!

Coffee, the name itself has an addiction to it so why not automate this addiction with a seamless experience using Recurpay.

Let's deep drive to understand why subscriptions is a MUST to HAVE if you are a coffee brand.

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WHY coffee brands need subscriptions?

Every business relies on Sustainability, and sustainability is directly proportional to Repeat purchases, which can only be achieved by retaining customers. By introducing subscriptions you open another sales channel where the CAC is a once-off and the LTV increases.
Your customers are also more likely to refer to your brand in their circle because people are more likely to talk about a brand once they are in love with it.

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What works best for coffee subscriptions?

Here are a few use cases of how subscriptions work for coffee selling brands. You can get start with any of the model and let your customers subscribe to their favourite coffee so they never run out of it!

Custom Periodic Plan

With our experience working with the coffee roaster brands across the world, the common plans that work best are the Weekly/Fortnightly & Monthly plans. Create multiple plan at one go for all your products.

Build your Box

With the build your coffee subscription box feature, your customers can choose the grind, flavour, quantity, and delivery frequency as per their needs and preferences and get this delivered at their doorstep without the hassle of following the same process of customising their coffee every time.

Edit on the go..

Let your customers Edit/Reschedule/Skip their cart on the go. Where in they can add both new products on subscriptions and also buy them as one time purchase for the future renewal. And as a merchant you can also do this for your loyal customers, to make them feel even more special with your exceptional customer support.

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Coffee Brands using Subscriptions with Recurpay