Subscriptions for Sanitary Pads

Women hygiene products are a must-have for every month and need to be shopped at a periodic level, so why not automate this for your customers?

And let them be at peace without any stress of running to the store or waiting for the delivery to happen. When they can automate the process and sit back and relax.

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Why subscription is a must for sanitary pads?

Sustainability is the key factor that all businesses rely on, and repeated purchases can only be obtained by retaining customers. When you introduce subscriptions, the CAC becomes a once-off and the LTV increases.
Additionally, once your customers are used to your product quality for the uneasy days of the month, it is likely they will prefer buying similar products only in the future. As a result, your brand is eventually loved and referred to by more people.

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What works best for women hygiene subscriptions?

In this blog post, we will explore how subscriptions are used by sanitary hygiene brands. With any of these models, you can start selling sanitary pads and allow your customers to subscribe so they never run out!

Build your box

Offer your customers the option of building their own monthly boxes of the product they need. Based on the flow they have and the number of pads they need every month, they can choose a mix of pads or the number of boxes they would need each month. Using the BYOB option, you can let your customers choose what works best for them for the moody days of the month. 

Custom Periodic Plan

When working with hygiene brands across the world, we know every girl/woman has her own cycle, which can be as long or as short as 21-35 days for which products should be delivered prior she goes through her cycle. So let her choose the frequency at which she wants the products on.

Ease to Edit

In order to meet the changing needs of your customers, the edit feature allows them to change products each month based on what they need. In addition, they are also able to reschedule their orders, i.e. pre postpone or postpone them, under uncertain circumstances.

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