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Wine enthusiasts are very picky when selecting wine and either prefer to have the same taste or explore more to find the best they can. Allow them to choose a wine subscription that suits their palates with ease, so everyone can enjoy this service.

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Why Subscriptions?

Businesses rely on sustainability, and sustainability drives repeat sales, which can only be achieved by keeping customers. With subscriptions, you open up another sales channel where the CAC is a one-time expense and the lifetime value increases.

Customers who love your brand are also more likely to refer it to their friends since people usually speak highly of brands once they have fallen in love with them.

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What works best for Wine Club Subscriptions?

Here are a few examples of how wine brands can use subscriptions. Choose any of the models to get started and let your customers subscribe to their favorite wines!

Plan selection made easy

Allow your customers to choose the frequency of wine delivery that works best for them. Offer both prepaid and ongoing options, depending on their needs.

Gift Subscriptions

You can offer subscription gift boxes so your consumers can give wine subscriptions as gifts. You can also allow them to customize their futures based on their preferences.

Choose your mix

Start your customer's experience with a quick but thorough quiz, where they can easily customize and "edit" their mix, picking between whites and reds, and picking specific regions they would like for there subscriptions.

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