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Cancel subscriptions anytime

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Recurpay subscription buttons can be used anywhere without integration.
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Brands using Recurpay to grow their business
Shopify subscription app loved by Brands 2024
Shopify subscription app loved by Brands 2024

500+ companies use Recurpay to offer Subscriptions on their website

We believe in helping the world build sustainable businesses and ur entire experience and passion can be found in Recurpay. You are invited to use it and build a self-funded growth for your business.
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Subscription button was designed to help budding entrepreneurs build the
next stage of business

Capture recurring fees from students

Running a School/College/Tution or any educational institution is not an easy task. Don't add more problems by getting into headaches of fees collection too. Set yourself free with automated recurring fees collection with Recurpay. Just add the button on your webpage!

Convert blog visitors into lifetime customers

People who are interested in your content will also be interested in your offerings. Content driven commerce is the future and people love to buy stories. Use subscription buttons in your content to turn your visitors into lifetime customers

Let customers subscribe to your services

If you have a service to offer which people need frequently, what can be
better than making it seamless. Let your customers subscribe to your services
just once and get the benefit forever. It even removes the hassle of running
after them for invoices.

Start capturing recurring payments with subscription buttons instantly with Recurpay

High number of repeat business from existing customers is the goal for every business. It not only makes you cash rich but also shows the love your customers have for you and your product.
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Get a Recurpay

You need us by your side to help you build a sustainable business. With Recurpay's powerful suite of features, you can have tons of ways to get recurring revenue from your customers.
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Create Subscription Button

Creating a subscription button to capture recurring payments is a matter of few seconds
  • Select a product
  • Customise the look and feel
  • Preview and generate
Step 3


You are now ready to launch. Just insert the code wherever you want to show the subscription button and start capturing recurring payments instantly.
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Few words from our users

You can read below a few testimonials from satisfied customers. Of course
there are also some unhappy ones but they're not here :-D
Recurpay has came up with the best solution for subscription based products. The dashboard is easy to use. And there is a tremendous growth in retention numbers. The support Team has offered continuous support.
Mehul Malviya
SriSri Tattva
Recurpay team feels like one's own organisation. It was delightful to launch recurring payments with them. If you've been looking to build a subscription offer. Recurpay is the best solution particularly o the platform like Shopify!
Can't find any other application which can satisfy the use cases we had for the adult diaper subscription. Stumbled on Recurpay which made it possible one. Recurpay bought the complete package of great UI/UX with strong technical team!
Friends Diaper
It was fantastic using Recurpay subscriptions. It is helpful in boosting up the Life time value and quarterly growth. The functionality of the application is commendable. Easy to add a seamless subscription service in great price!
Anil Netha

Subscription for your

Recurpay is the answer to your customer retention game in the emerging era of subscriptions.
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Best Shopify subscription app
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