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When it comes to the health of our pet buddies, we are very particular about the food we provide them and would prefer to give them the right quality of food. By adding pet subscriptions, this becomes, even more, easier for our customers as they subscribe to the products once and their buddies' favourite food gets delivered to the doorstep at their desired intervals with recurring automation

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Why Pet Parents need Subscriptions?

Retaining customers is the key to sustainable business, as repeat purchases are directly proportional to sustainability. Subscriptions enable you to open another revenue-generating channel where your CAC is once-off and your lifetime value (LTV) increases. Your customers are also more likely to spread word of your brand as once they love it, they are much more likely to refer its products to their friends.

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What works best for Pet Brands Subscriptions?

A few examples of how pet brands can use subscriptions to sell products are given below. Subscriptions are a great way to make sure your customers never run out of their furry babies' favorite pet products!

Curated Subscription Boxes

Allow pet parents to mix the toys, treats, and clothing they need for their furry babies every month. There is a wider variety of products to choose from and more choices for pet parents who have picky babies. It helps you build a strong bond of loyalty with your customers. 

Edit with Ease

Give your customers the convenience of subscribing with you for their furry babies on the go. Sometimes, they may have supplies and wish to swap products, reschedule, or skip the whole cycle.

Surprise Box

Set up a monthly surprise box for furry friends, so they are excited to receive something new every month. Use Recurpay's bot feature to automate the new set of products for all future renewal orders.


Pet Brands with Recurpay Subscriptions

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