Subscriptions for Milk & Dairy brands

Make subscribing to fresh milk a habit for your customers.

Recurpay lets you automate this habit for consumers by using a seamless subscription service for diary products.

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Why Subscriptions for Milk?

Retaining customers is essential for businesses to succeed, and customer retention is key to sustainability. Subscriptions open another sales channel where CAC can be a one-time expense and LTV can increase. Subscription plans are arguably the most profitable for dairy farms and milk producers.

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What works best for Milk & Dairy Subscriptions?

Our blog post will explore how Milk brands use subscriptions around the world. Using any of these models, you can sell milk subscriptions so your customers never run out of fresh milk!

Prepaid Subscriptions

Give your customers the option to pay upfront for a specified period of time or to pay on the go and enjoy subscription options. This option is helpful to first-time subscribers, as it allows them to try and subscribe, while at the same time increasing brand loyalty.

Edit on the GO!

Due to the daily use of milk and dairy products, subscriptions for these products need to be feasible for the end consumer. Allowing them to edit or reschedule their subscriptions gives them an ease of opting in with your brand and increases your reliability. 

Build your box

Give your customers the option to build their own dairy box with the mix of products they need every day. With personalised delivery options offer them a choice of frequency and flavour of yogurt.

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Milk Brands using Recurpay Subscriptions

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